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ROCm Device Libraries Now Available!

We are pleased to announce fully open-source bitcode device libraries for the ROCm platform.

The following libraries are available:

The libraries are intended for language and run-time implementors. They work with the open-source AMD GPU LLVM back end on GCN architectures and link to user bitcode through the LLVM linker before code generation.

ROCm-Device-Libs is currently under development, so we expect many improvements. As always, contributions and other feedback are welcome.

Quickly Access ROCm GPU Performance Counters via CodeXL

You can get the list of available counters by running the following command:

To save the counter list to a file, use

Next, specify the set of counters using the following command:

"counters.txt" should list one counter name per line.

HCC Adding Richer Array of Low-level Optimizations

Example of HCC Fuctions

Find out more about these HCC fuctions.

It’s Time to ROC

HPC User Forum in Tucson; Gregory Stoner from AMD presents It's Time to ROC.

Rolling Out HIP Version 0.86

The team just released an update to HIP in version 0.86 that includes multiple improvements to the capabilities and tools. Also, we added several more HIP ports and examples. If you’re just getting started, HIP (Heterogeneous-Computing Interface for Portability) is a portable C++ run time and kernel language for GPUs. It includes tools to hipify Cuda code into the portable C++ language.

HIP 0.86 Release Notes

Release: 0.86.00
Date: 2016.06.06

Info on Previous 0.84 Release

Release: 0.84.01
Date: 2016.04.25

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