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ROCm, a New Era in Open GPU Computing

Platform for GPU-Enabled HPC and Ultrascale Computing

ROCm Tutorials

ROCm comes with a set of tutorials designed to help you understand how you can use and extend the platform.

Vector Add in HIP

This sample shows you how to use the HIP API for a vector add.

Mini N-Body

This sample demonstrates the use of the HIP API for a mini n-body problem.

The Art of AMDGCN Assembly: How to Bend the Machine to Your Will

This tutorial demonstrates GCN assembly with ROCm application development.

ROCm With Rapid Harmony: Optimizing HSA Dispatch

This tutorial shows how to optimize HSA dispatch performance for ROCm application development.

ROCm With Harmony: Combining OpenCL Kernels, HCC and HSA in a Single Program

This tutorial demonstrates how to compile OpenCL kernels using the CL offline compiler (CLOC) and integrate them with HCC C++ compiled ROCm applications.